[KHR] Chap 294

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Manga: Hitman Reborn

Chapter: 294

I love it ^^

Gokudea's voice is shaking...

Poor Yamamoto T_T

Right, Gokudera. You won't forgive person who hurts Yamamoto.

Goku really cares & worries Yama too much XD. More 8059 moment.




I wanna scream!!!!!!!!

Gokudera really cares Yamamoto

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Answer(again): Thank you to picking me as a friend!!~~ confused smile I don't think your English isn't good . Your English is already good~ . You said someone imagine about love confess . If like that someone (like me) imagine more than confess love.. of 8059

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@Serenata: I answered in your exteen. Glad we can be friendbig smile.
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Wow really !!

I hope it confess too!!~ ha ha

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I come to answer -w-~

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>A<~~~ I like this chapter so much !!

it seem like Gokudera really cares and worries

Yamamoto as same as you tell!!

It look like Gokudera love Yamamoto~~~!!! // kick

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8059 Baizaiiiiiiiiiiiii

The new chapter is very great

The final pic Goku is cool

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